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Jovan had the pleasure of speaking to Manj Musik following his latest release 'Singh & Kaur' in the Singh is Bling!

As most of you already know was apart of the legendary group RDB and has been busy over the years producing music not only for himself and Nindy but also for Bollywood movies.

That all began with the release of Singh is King in the 'Singh is King' film featuring Akshay Kumar and the big name rapper Snoop Dogg. Manj also created tracks for Gabbar is Back, Happy New Years, Dr. Cabbie, and Heropanti movie soundtracks. He has also worked on singles for many artists over the years, most recently Raftaar and Nindy which are featured in Singh & Kaur in the Singh is Bling soundtrack.

He continues to produce great music for both the Bollywood industry along with the Punjabi music industry and we look forward to many more tracks from him. You have a few tracks in the film how did you first become involved with producing tracks for Singh is Bling?

Well based on a great on going relationship with Akshay paji, he just called me up and said he would love to see what i can offer for the movie. In the past the relationship me and Kuly paji had with akshay was always like very good friends and he could call us anytime to ask for a song, most of the time he would know what he wants and give us ideas.

Singh & Kaur was just released with yourself, Nindy and Raftaar. Where did the ideas for this track come from and how long did it take you to produce the track?

The idea from the track actually came from when i made a song for my son Anoop for his school play. It was just for fun called BLING BLING MR SINGH and when i showed it to Akshay Paji he loved it!! Soon after that me and Nindy was traveling to India on the plane and just sitting i thought of a line "meh hu singh tu hai kaur.....something something taur kini soni lagdi something something" and Nindy said "thats great...lets finish it off" and she filled the gaps to complete a great hook line, easy and catchy.

Lyrics Hook - Manj Musik, Nindy Kaur & Lyrics Verse - Raftaar & Big Dhillon

Singer - Manj Musik, Nindy Kaur Ft. Raftaar

Starcast - Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson, Yograj Singh, Kunal Kapoor, Anil Mange, Arfi Lamba, Lara Dutta, Rati Agnihotri

From there i was so excited i got straight to work on the flight creating the beat, by the time I got to India i had already made a beat so we just got into our Delhi studio with raftaar and i gave him the melody of the verses. Of course it took him 10 mins and he had the verses written with the help of my little bro Big Dhillon.

When i returned to Toronto i added the finishing touches and added a rap from raftaar which worked so well in the song. I wanted to keep a very Punjabi Desi feel with a modern touch so i added the tumbi and alogozay, my 2 fav instruments. I had the same mind frame when me and paaj was making Sharabi and i added teh algozay after he made the beat pattern.

Along with Singh & Kaur did you work on any other music for the film and what kind of tracks are those? Did you have input for the music from anyone involved with the movie?

Yeh they wanted a romantic song and Akshay Paji said clearly he wanted Aja it was his all time fav song. Of course the song was very dear to me being the 1st ever song i had sang and produced myself fully! I remember when i made it and was thinking of the hook, i had "aja mahi aja mahi aa soniya" then called Herbie Sahara for help on the phone and he finished it off with "Veh akay aj mere gal lagja tu" then i got dad to complete the verses and the song was done.

This time i have re-created the song adding the very talented Sasha on the song for a English hook which replaces the rap part as this is what the director and producer wanted. Besides this song i have also worked on another version of the song, more acoustic for a more romantic moment in the movie.

Is producing music for a film any different than producing music for an independent single or an album?

Yes very different, you have to create something based on the idea of the director and his vision in where the song will be placed. Most of the time i always get approached when they are done with the movie and they need that SUPER Thats a lot of pressure, me and Kuly Paji made all the previous hits as RDB so this is very hard to even try and compare, however i always give it my best shot to make something that would last and work in the movie.

I got a lot of love from Whistle Baja so i do feel i can definitely make something that will work and last, with the grace of god. With Independent music i am free to make what i want and mould it how I want.

What do you think of the support you've already received from all the fans and all the various artists through social media?

I am honoured to have so many artists support me and grateful to every one of them for being behind me after RDB was put to rest. I had so much love shown from artists and senior artists also saying that i had done the right thing after Kuly Paji passed, RDB name wouLD remain and be remembered at the top because of him and our music we made together.

Moving forward as Manj Musik i never thought i would get so much love and support from fellow artists and fans across the world. I thank them all and for those who still hate me because I am not using RDB im sorry but my older brother comes first and his respect and name he made for RDB i would always want to be remembered at the top.

I hope one day those fans will accept me as Manj Musik. I love the fans artists who support me and love the haters who dont too!

What can we expect from the film and the music you have created for it?

Expect lots of high energy, ive really thought about the people who listen to this music deeply when creating these songs, for example on SINGH IS KING we made a anthem for Singhs and guys who go crazy at every event o perform at, but this time i thought it should be a song for both SINGHS and KAURS. I hope that this would be a song that plays at all events and makes every SINGH and KAUR proud and want to dance when they hear the song.

Obviously you and your wife Nindy are very talented, how great is it to be able to work with your wife and create music alongside her?

I love working with Nindy because its just fun, it dont feel like I will be in the studio blasting the music creating a beat while she is down stairs making sabji and she will come running upstairs with her karshi in her hand singing a melody or some and usually they are very good! So really i cant complain, i work with her in the studio, i travel with her, ii perform with her, we holiday together with our son, we play with our son....we just do everything together and she really is my best friend and business partner!

Alot of people may not know but she never wanted and still dont want fame or money...she is more happy sitting at home with her son as he is priority but we have to work, and pay we all do. also now she has an amazing fan following, she dont want to let them down either.

What can we expect from the both of you in the near future? Will we see more of your tracks in films?

Film music will always be there as i have been blessed from god to be known as a music director in Bombay now! I love making film music for Bollywood films and my relationships with the actors keeps growing so the movie songs will never stop. However i still love making Punjabi music and independent releases as well as desihiphop music so you will def hear more of that too. I am also signing a few more amazing desihiphop artists and growing them like Raftaar has grown.

Nindy has a few videos and songs coming as well as in films and so does raftaar and myself. I also just did the title song and scoring for a hollywood production for the oscar nominated Deepa Mehta movie Beeba Boys, which I am very excited about.

I have a few very folk punjabi songs coming soon too, as well as teamed up with my oldskool older bro Herbie Sahara to create the next Lal Ghagra called BILLO HAI!

What would you like to say to our Simply Bhangra viewers?

I would like to thank everyone for supporting me and please request everyone to bare with me, if you dont believe I am as good as what RDB was, I will slowly gain your love. I can never do what me and paaj did for RDB but i sure can prove that i will make my own stand and make you proud.

Having support from seniors like Gurdas Maan, Jazzy B etc means a lot and for all the haters who love writing crap about i love you guys....thanks for talking about me all the make me famous! LOL

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